Galvanized Steel Pipe

Posted by Steve Harris (2 items)

Miscellaneous pieces of galvanized steel pipe duct work. Priced through local building supply is a little over $200.00 . I will sell all of it for $50. Somebody come and give me an offer so I can get rid of this. Cleaning out the garage. This was all used for a dust collector unit so it is not bent or damaged. Some of it is brand new. Sizes as indicated. Email me or phone at 306-756-2445 if interested. Located in Caron.

4” x 60” - 7 pieces
4” x 40” - 2 pieces
4” T junction - 2 pieces
4” elbow - 2 pieces
5” x 30” - 1 piece
5” elbow - 1 piece

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