NEW 5 inch motorcycle , etc. HEADLIGHT

Posted by brian (66 items)

NEW HEADLGHT , with mounting bracket included , was bought for motorcycle but no reason can't be used on something else.
A buddy bought this , didn't use it , and gave it to me , and I have no use for it.
So , the savings is yours. I checked with a dealer and a similar item ( different brand ) was $188 plus taxes . I don't think these are identical, so if you want it for $30, come get it before someone else does.

Although I am home much of the day, so you don't waste a trip coming when I'm not here I need to know what time you WILL be at my house in West Regina so I can ensure I'll be home. That way neither of us inconvenience the other.
Since I do not have a cell phone, please phone ( VOICE PLEASE , not text ) 306-924-2036 as that is the fastest way to make arrangements for a time and to get address/easy directions .

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